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"Rock, you got a thing for Trudeau. No sense in covering it up. Come out of the closet."

FirstClassPOV - Cassandra Nix sucking a big dick, big booty & big boobs

Then she complained that he was not as passionate as he had been before they married, when she had actually tried to please him.

It was a week after my cock sucking session, it was a Friday, two of the bigger boys in the class, who were known to be bullies, had started a fight straight after school behind the building where the classrooms were, I only managed to be their as I had visited the faculty bathroom to get dressed as I had a date with a guy id met the month before, I had heard the commotion as I was leaving the bathroom and I rushed to the noise I heard, to witness the boys surrounded with a small group rolling around on the ground attempting to beat each other up, I managed to split them up and get rid of the crowd, I forcefully dragged them back to the staff room which was now empty, I sat them down at either end of the room, I was pacing around furiously but the boys seemed to have their eyes transfixed on me, they couldn't keep their eyes off me I was wearing a very short skirt, 4" heels, a soft leather jacket and a black boob tube which showed my midriff and a glorious amount off cleavage.

FirstClassPOV - Cassandra Nix sucking a big dick, big booty & big boobs

I could live with that. He meant what he said, and he tried his hardest, but with such a hot pussy like mine he didn't have a chance. "I taste good. People are TTeen to calling it bed room eyes,' but that is a far too romantic way of putting it. Everything Helen had told me so far had both felt amazing and seemed to drive her crazy.

It feels so fucking good; my hips start to thrust so my dick can be deeper inside Emily's warm Teen. I opened it up as Livie sucked and slurped on my dick, her small hands clutched at my thighs. She had shared a room for many years with her elder sister until she met Clive.

I now cannot move as my hands are individually tied to the bars that separate the two cages. She had a hour glass figure and long brown hair.

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