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73 midget conversion kit MG Midget front suspension kit

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    Karen where did you get all that from? More Google research?.... What about your connection with American Indian ? Would you fit in ? Would I fit in with my Jewish roots ? ?? ?? ??

  2. 73 midget conversion kit MG Midget front suspension kit
    Mejora1 month ago

    REALLY... without the Bible mythos, from what do you draw your info about the "God" & "Jesus" characters? (Along with Saul/Paul, John, Moses, Adam, etc...)

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    Are you afraid the ? lie? might catch on and atheists might start founding their own churches and evangelizing on internet chat boards?

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    And I'm saying that the evidence for that is at best, extremely questionable and only credible if you start with the assumption that Jesus had to exist (a logical fallacy), especially since there are more reasonable reasons for it than there really was a Jesus besides the Latino guy who used to do my lawn.

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    I explained it to him below. he just keeps responding to this single comment, over and over and not my counter posts.

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    On the subject of Christianity or religion in any form, why is it that atheists Scream the loudest?

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    Guess flood was his expression of love.

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