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"Then I guess a racist can deny service to a black family because they cannot agree to doing business with someone they see as less than human."

Look at the size of that thing

Maybe the next cllps I go out I'll skip wearing panties and start there. "Can you run simulations on the reaction times of each ship. That's because their doing it wrong.

Look at the size of that thing

"Sure" I said as she went into the kitchen. I shut the door of the bathroom and took a deep breath, running my hands through my hair. She again did as I said and I snapped a few sexy pictures of my cock in her mouth.

" Sergeant Presley pauses, then he steps away. Hearing her talk about how I affected her made me horny. Minutes later, she was stripped bare and bound into this disgracing posture.

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  1. Mukinos
    Mukinos6 months ago

    Anyone....anyone who refers to their IQ (of which your claim is utter bullshite) is a moronic asshole of EPIC proportions. You are sooo much a dick that I know that you are fn cancer in any relationship. So...FUCK OFF ASSHOLE. I don't tutor dicks for a brain. And one more thing...GFY... :) :) :)

  2. Dam
    Dam6 months ago

    I was a Catholic for just about that long, Irish Catholic family, 12 years of catholic education including a prestigious Jesuit prep school, did the whole bit, married in the church, had my kids baptized, and I don't believe a word of it, or of any other religion. I have an older sister who actually does not believe, but won't admit it, and still acts like a catholic, a brother who just doesn't give a shit, and a younger sister, who, like me, believes none of it.

  3. Akinogis
    Akinogis6 months ago

    Seeing that you are called 'Uncle Screwtape', doesn't that automatically mean I must assert my faith in the opposite direction to your response?

  4. Gashicage
    Gashicage6 months ago

    That's exactly why I call it a cult.

  5. Mooguzragore
    Mooguzragore5 months ago

    And Stormy Danial's lawyer pulling this latest out of his hind end is not "conspiracy nonsense" ??

  6. Знакомства
    Mazuktilar5 months ago

    You are the sweets????

  7. Знакомства
    Arashizilkree5 months ago

    There is no question. You have drawn a false conclusion and are misrepresenting me.

  8. Gay piss clips
    Darisar5 months ago

    How about you give an example of this mercy?

  9. Dujind
    Dujind5 months ago

    That's because she's a good speller.

  10. Знакомства
    Kajirisar5 months ago

    DarkHorseSki - I have been making that very argument for the last fifty years. I'm glad you put it back on the table. Thanks.

  11. Zolokree
    Zolokree5 months ago

    And she didn?t have to ask in the first place!

  12. Kajirn
    Kajirn5 months ago

    "greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation."

  13. Gay piss clips
    Keshakar4 months ago

    There is *no* assumption of randomness. The Theory of Evolution is not random.

  14. Mazukasa
    Mazukasa4 months ago

    Popular opinion "evolves" and regularly achieves absolutely abominable consensus.

  15. Malami
    Malami4 months ago

    Now, that was funny....

  16. Gashura
    Gashura4 months ago

    Oh please. I want a florist to use his or her artistic skills to make a bouquet for me but the florist is not an "artist". An artist decides the concept, the materials, the scope, the context and often even the location of the artistic work. Neither a baker nor a florist does any of this. They have artistic skills just like a sign painter has artistic skills, but no one would see a business sign as a "unique artistic creation developed from an artist's imagination". The sign painter works with the customer to design a sign to the customer's specifications.

  17. Gay piss clips
    Tygoshura4 months ago

    Mighty slim pickins' here on the RC today, but... not every day can be a banner day. ;-?

  18. Знакомства
    Kabar3 months ago

    When did I say that the ADA was a compromise to minorities?

  19. Знакомства
    Gardall3 months ago

    And changing it up once again....

  20. Faebar
    Faebar3 months ago

    Ugghhhh ... we do. It's called historical investigation. Heard of it, bud? Forget that, you clearly don't understand ancient historical methods, especially when applied to the Gospels. Since I'm a history buff and am annoyed at intellecutal laziness, I will direct you to a full-length academic book you can read freely online that will straighten you out.

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