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Adult sleep suits designed to hold diaper in place

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"I always do that to my boyfriend. Cos I know what he's going to ask (not always rude stuff, but often)."

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  1. Знакомства
    Faegor9 months ago

    You are a strange one . ?? ?? ??

  2. Mezizshura
    Mezizshura9 months ago

    No. But I want to visit Iceland someday.

  3. Kajirg
    Kajirg8 months ago

    "Most Americans could care less about whether we are respected by most countries"

  4. Знакомства
    Dozahn8 months ago

    Are you saying god hates gays?

  5. Vinris
    Vinris8 months ago

    What's your home church, if you don't mind sharing

  6. Fenrizil
    Fenrizil8 months ago

    I need deets

  7. Знакомства
    Voodoom7 months ago

    I agree with your point about encouraging saving and investing! A very valid point. I would only add that that people like me are still going to save (a rainy day fund is a necessity in my book) and invest (the easiest money to be made is for my money to make me money).

  8. Tujinn
    Tujinn7 months ago

    Speak all you want. If you despise Catholicism, then do not be a Catholic.

  9. Mezigul
    Mezigul7 months ago

    Cultural reasons? I think not, it is all about religious reasons, essentially, accepted by cultures as their own belief structures without acknowledgement of how it was, essentially, provided.

  10. Tojall
    Tojall7 months ago

    Please explain how a lucky guess is evidence for your god? How is that observable. It is no different than your disbelief in common descent. Does 90% of the world accept this lucky guess as true/correct like they do evolution?

  11. Adult sleep suits designed to hold diaper in place
    Samuhn7 months ago

    Trump says MS-13 are animals.

  12. Adult sleep suits designed to hold diaper in place
    Vudozahn7 months ago

    All scittush sheep racists are morons

  13. Tygoran
    Tygoran7 months ago

    Nope. Cut and dry fallacy.

  14. Adult sleep suits designed to hold diaper in place
    Torg6 months ago

    It's important to recognize that 'mentally ill' doesn't always infer "crazy". You can be "mentally ill" and still have an extreme level of competence at committing an atrocity.

  15. Gajar
    Gajar6 months ago

    Eternal penalty is not infinite penalty. Steady-state, for instance.

  16. Tygomi
    Tygomi6 months ago

    I?m sure a snake oil salesman would also call you a fool for not buying his snake oil.

  17. Знакомства
    Meztizshura6 months ago

    LMFAO!! Twinsie I was going to say the same thing.

  18. Jugal
    Jugal6 months ago

    no that is not true either , my parents were not church going people ,but if you truly believe that which you say , who am I to argue !

  19. Nikokinos
    Nikokinos6 months ago

    Yes gurl, yes. When he came over to introduce himself, I was in a trance. I don't even remember his name LOL.

  20. Fejas
    Fejas5 months ago

    You're right -- due to this book promotion.

  21. Знакомства
    Banos5 months ago

    The fact that slavery was so widespread in the ancient world is not proof that civilization could not have been built without it. There was no "slaves only" civilization; point to any ancient slaveholding society, and you can find wage-labor and contract-labor existing alongside it. The long-held belief, starting with Herodotus, that the Pyramids were built by slaves has been debunked:

  22. Знакомства
    Bagore5 months ago

    It is easy, just bury head in sand & you're in!!!

  23. Mikalkree
    Mikalkree4 months ago

    Nope. I never threw anything out. Thanks for showing how you invent false comments, though.

  24. Akinoramar
    Akinoramar4 months ago

    Patriotism, huh? That must be why you hate American gays for even existing.

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