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"Neither are relevant enough to even view anymore."

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"Take them off. " As Kim got her daughter settled in the crib, I looked down at the glass in my hand. For the most part she was a good kid.

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  1. Dogore
    Dogore9 months ago

    I think you are pretty cool. Mainstream Christianity is exclusionary and tribalistic (a phenomenon I attribute to people's limbic systems in their brains) and it's easy to see your quandary. From what I have read, Jesus himself was fairly tolerant and accepting so mainstream Christianity isn't all that favourable to Jesus' views.

  2. Знакомства
    Arashimi8 months ago

    Welp that's was an awesome non sequitur.

  3. Знакомства
    Voodoogal8 months ago

    No that's not true and you have no evidence that Adam was standing beside her. Also, God command was "don't eat" but not "don't let her eat" Everyone is responsible about himself, right?

  4. Знакомства
    Shaktikasa8 months ago

    Question avoidance 101... that person got an A in that class... Let me guess a management type?

  5. Vogor
    Vogor8 months ago

    Statistics say if you're hospitalized a week or so, say a compound leg fracture and concussion from a car accident, even without any specific surgical fees or "special tests," and even with your Aflac, you will be rendered financially destitute.

  6. Kadal
    Kadal8 months ago

    Oh I think you need to get ready! ??

  7. Mausar
    Mausar8 months ago

    I have enough proof for me. I don?t need to prove it to anyone else. Claiming that because your different understanding of the world and different experiences somehow makes your beliefs superior or ?right? sounds pretty idiotic as well. I guess we?ll both have to settle for sounding like idiots.

  8. Знакомства
    Voodoogami7 months ago

    Well remember when the libs and ndp had to suck up to each other to turf the PC. That is the lowest way to get into power.

  9. Kagal
    Kagal7 months ago

    still no closer to understanding how people can be anti-abortion,anti-birth control,anti-sex education.

  10. Yolabar
    Yolabar7 months ago

    First, no gradualism isn't dead, can you stop being dishonest for once in your life? Or at the very least, learn something?

  11. Samugal
    Samugal6 months ago

    The Bible was written by Jews to facilitate Gentiles worshipping Jews

  12. Знакомства
    Nahn6 months ago

    A tarriff war.

  13. Mull
    Mull6 months ago

    YOU are the claimant. YOU have the burden of proof. If you can't meet it, which obviously you can't, you are a fraud. If you try to pass YOUR burden of proof on to me which you are now attempting, you are a cheat. Put up or shut up!

  14. Знакомства
    Duhn6 months ago

    "Used as a verb, bitch means to complain. What are you bitching about?"

  15. Nude redhead thumbnail Thumbnail Pictures Of Nude Redhead Females
    Zolorg5 months ago

    I am thirty....what year was I born again? *counts fingers* .....four! Thirty four ??

  16. Taumi
    Taumi5 months ago

    There are facts.

  17. Yosho
    Yosho5 months ago

    You have the freedom to say that in this society without being executed.

  18. Munos
    Munos5 months ago

    Read the book geh. No...i didn't say anything about the old testament law. It fades away...as it says, but its clear what Gods stance is. I was referring to Romans.

  19. Nude redhead thumbnail Thumbnail Pictures Of Nude Redhead Females
    Samugul5 months ago

    I'm not saying that churches do not have a charitable arm of their business. Actually, I AM saying that SOME churches do not offer any charity to their communities.

  20. Знакомства
    Mazil5 months ago

    So sorry that you're going through this. I'm glad you had insurance to help. I'm assuming your dog is okay?

  21. Meztikazahn
    Meztikazahn5 months ago

    Sure, so what. Atheism was incidental. ThIs whole silly business of slurring atheists because of the actions of Stalin, etc, ought to stop. Atheists are not mass murderers but respectable and responsible citizens.

  22. Daimuro
    Daimuro4 months ago

    What I want to express is that a 'fetus' of 9 months is regarded as a human being and it is not a matter anymore of a medical procedure.

  23. Nesar
    Nesar4 months ago

    First, saying one could find the designer for a keyboard is not a lie. Secondly, are you saying you would believe in a designer with no evidence? What kind of designer? A god? Whose? An advanced life form? ET?

  24. Tojakora
    Tojakora4 months ago

    benchmark average price for detached houses in our area is $1.1 million. We're sharing that pain. ??

  25. Знакомства
    Goltirr4 months ago

    False. You just refuse to use common sense.

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