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Ask parents to spank

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"I'm Irish. It has to be a Li'l Smokie, or maybe a Vienna Sausage. . .tops."

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  1. Dilkis
    Dilkis4 months ago

    Seeing my comment history would only teach you about me. Atheists only have one thing in common: THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN GODS. That's it. There are no political or cultural requirements of being an atheist.

  2. Tezil
    Tezil4 months ago

    I like to be deliberately contrary when going into a starbucks. It's small, medium, and large you arrogant coffee snobs!!!!!!!

  3. Fenrigor
    Fenrigor4 months ago

    Not the opinion, but the individual should be respected.

  4. Dolabar
    Dolabar3 months ago

    If your meals are coming out of a can I wouldn't be worrying about the expiry date of it. You on the other hand might be expiring a bit early.

  5. Brarg
    Brarg3 months ago

    What are the parameters that makes young people to commit suicide, is government policies, stressed or harassment at home

  6. Ask parents to spank
    Gashura3 months ago

    i am not familiar with almost none of his music. ive heard some clips of it, but where i live right now ,,its all hillbilly music, pretty much, so i have to look online for stuff. i have read of his "sexy songs, " and how some women are such big fans. and ive read of his apartments with women who live there, and who are his fans. i will go listen to the ones you have listed.. do you feel that he is a positive singer for the most part? [honestly want your opinion,, you know the subject]

  7. Ask parents to spank
    Gardagrel3 months ago

    To most questions my answer: anything is possible. To the last question : By the time we are able to travel thru space and time, we will be dead and our ancestors will have overcome our current maladies.

  8. Ask parents to spank
    Melmaran3 months ago

    Another gifted author who died much too young!

  9. Ask parents to spank
    Maukree3 months ago

    Isn't it possible the Romans let him live?? I mean i could never believe Christ would feel his death to be necessary, or God either.

  10. Yogore
    Yogore3 months ago

    No, but that is my favorite favorite movie everrrr. I was disappointed in the director's last film... Valerian I think was its name? Horrible. But the special fx were cool.

  11. Знакомства
    Akikus3 months ago

    True - relationship status makes a difference. My relationships don't tend to be serious and longlasting anyway - I know you'll say it's BECAUSE I'm looking elsewhere all the time!

  12. Знакомства
    Tedal2 months ago

    And yours would be what? Terrorists?

  13. Nelar
    Nelar2 months ago

    Please don't de-claw him.

  14. Ask parents to spank
    Musar2 months ago

    I've never seen the wind. You have never seen God.

  15. Taulkis
    Taulkis2 months ago

    You could suck more cocks at the truck stop

  16. Знакомства
    Takasa2 months ago

    Hmm. I wasn?t aware of that. It?s not as prominent in the West. Though I will say catholic schools get public funding, mainly because the rural communities don?t have access to public schools.

  17. Ask parents to spank
    Merr1 month ago

    And you read 'desperate for rubles", sergei.

  18. Gardarg
    Gardarg1 month ago

    Probably since there's no threat and you're too blind to realize that.

  19. Akira
    Akira1 month ago

    No...she admits it had to be another way than gradualism acted upon by natural selection and gene centric. Its a flop. She had the guts to speak out.

  20. Ask parents to spank
    Kenos1 month ago

    HOW is how I know!!!:)

  21. Tygot
    Tygot3 weeks ago

    What's there to argue?

  22. Ararn
    Ararn2 weeks ago

    A lady ally.

  23. Tautaxe
    Tautaxe1 week ago

    Wow, rough week!

  24. Kazisho
    Kazisho1 week ago

    If you don't know God I'll give you that you have a point.

  25. Grolabar
    Grolabar5 days ago

    Are they solved by christianity?

  26. Знакомства
    Vimi4 days ago

    The apparition that dictated the Koran to Mohammed declares

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