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Asian graffiti art

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"It was so nice to hear that my brother's friend went through his windshield and died. A seat belt would've saved his life, but I don't know if it was "the right way to live." /s"


I saw the look in his face. "You weren't doing anything wrong sweetheart" I assure her, "You just took me by surprise. Some months later I met a girl again in the pool and noticed, that father was not present at this time. "Thank you," she whispered, sweetly kissing each old man on their deflating cocks, licking them clean.

"Well, not unless things go terribly wrong between your husband and my boss. Among other things, I attached the remote control video cam to a tripod and sat it in the corner of the room. I felt my balls tightening up, the explosion primed, the fuse lit. Emily is moaning with pleasure and excitement.

She wondered what Alexis would think if she saw her now.

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  1. Dira
    Dira9 months ago

    Don't be daft - it will all be fine :)

  2. Знакомства
    Shakakinos9 months ago

    He wasn't participating in it at all anyway. He wasn't invited. He wouldn't be going there.

  3. Asian graffiti art
    Nataxe8 months ago

    Yes, in Asia.

  4. Najinn
    Najinn8 months ago

    No, I'm saying that if you have some silly definition of faith that people employ even AFTER they have verifiable evidence, then that is NOT the silly definition I'm referring to.

  5. Знакомства
    Gajar8 months ago

    Ok. This is the second OP on upgrading. The question is here if Wisdom will do that. Seeing that it benefited Solomon. Then we will have no need for laws and interpretation of laws. And we will have no need for others to rule us. We can then all be a happy Family.

  6. Kigasho
    Kigasho8 months ago

    What facts? There's no evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed. No evidence that any of the disciples existed either. No witnesses to any miracles or any of these supposed speeches, no account of Herod's slaughter of the innocents (plenty of mythology with the exact same theme however), no account of this trial, no witnesses to this supposed resurrection, no account of dead people climbing out of their graves in Jerusalem, no account of the world going dark - nothing. History knows nothing of any of this nonsense. No one does.

  7. Samurn
    Samurn8 months ago

    Ah. My apologies. I guess I'm used to seeing poes everywhere.

  8. Dalmaran
    Dalmaran8 months ago

    You misunderstand me. I'm not advocating for gun confiscation; I'm saying that right now, there are little regulations to restrict certain types of weapons from falling into the wrong hands. And those need to be tightened.

  9. Знакомства
    Taubar8 months ago

    Where did I say I don't laugh at other people's jokes? I'll forgive you for your ignorance. It's clear you don't understand that social anxiety is a crippling issue and not everyone is at ease interacting with people on the fly.

  10. Asian graffiti art
    Shalar7 months ago

    "Seems." You have been duped!

  11. Знакомства
    Shalar7 months ago

    So you admit that you can't describe the role emotions and "value experiences" play in empirical science.

  12. Asian graffiti art
    Fern7 months ago

    I see your point, I'll be more succinct in the future.

  13. Moogushura
    Moogushura7 months ago

    Not necessarily. But when those claims are about what is right, what is wrong and possible eternal life or eternal torture...then yes we should be skeptical.

  14. Mejinn
    Mejinn7 months ago

    Tell that to yourself, fantasy boy. Can't you cope with your bullshit being exposed and questioned?

  15. Ter
    Ter7 months ago

    ok, my bad.

  16. Faegor
    Faegor6 months ago

    what is there to even debate there???

  17. Akinok
    Akinok6 months ago

    LOL good match, i think it could work LOL

  18. Знакомства
    Mezilkree6 months ago

    No not for any other entity would it be murder. Only humans. Example: a Klingon could not be charged with murder in our courts.

  19. Tojakree
    Tojakree6 months ago

    2 doors down past the guy with the tall hat, you will see a red exit sign follow that to the back entrance. Make sure no one sees you leaving. They tend to anger when loosing paid membership to personal choice.

  20. JoJomuro
    JoJomuro6 months ago

    It's about condoning discrimination based on specific characteristics. The world has generally moved on from there. Some have clearly not.

  21. Zujora
    Zujora6 months ago

    Yes, but ignorance is one of them. One of the greatest.

  22. Asian graffiti art
    Kazralrajas6 months ago

    Well, my wife thought so. I'm still not so sure.

  23. Знакомства
    Kazihn6 months ago

    That is mythology, that is Calvinism. It is false religion. It is not faith in God. God created everything but not sin, not Satan or demons or hell or evil.

  24. Asian graffiti art
    Akirg5 months ago

    To understand the Bible as it is, you have to know all the ways in which it contradicts itself. Hundreds of examples.

  25. Tojat
    Tojat5 months ago

    Boooooooo - worth a shot!

  26. Asian graffiti art
    Vugami5 months ago

    Sorry this is an English speaking channel. There may be foreign channels elsewhere on Disqus you might enjoy! :)

  27. Знакомства
    Bataur5 months ago

    Archaeologists have the same basic requirements for being considered "experts" as academics of any other field. They have to (1) have a degree in their field from an accredited and reputable university, (2) publish their findings in reputable, peer-reviewed journals, and (3) refrain from any unethical behavior that might forfeit their academic legitimacy.

  28. Знакомства
    Faushura4 months ago

    Don't tell Tex - he won't want to be friends with me any more lol

  29. Asian graffiti art
    Gashicage4 months ago

    Nah, I don't think so either. As my *friend* would be a bit annoyed.

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