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"What a boring mass of brainwashed drivel that is...you need to loosen your magic underwear, it is cutting off your blood circulation."

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  1. Faetaxe
    Faetaxe11 months ago

    So anarchists didn't commit terrorist attacks on American soil?

  2. Free adult college courses
    Dugore11 months ago

    Are you trying to imply that with guns not being in the picture we will some how attain some utopia like state? That the kidnappers, rapists, killers, car jackers, drunk drivers, pimps, gang members, traffickers, drug dealers, drug addicts, and other social parasites will decide "welp, guns are now banned. Lets all go on vacation".

  3. Guzil
    Guzil11 months ago

    Your question was ridiculous, and your analogy more so.

  4. Free adult college courses
    Nijar10 months ago

    Rev, evolution isn't short term change. Get your head out of your ass.

  5. Kigalrajas
    Kigalrajas10 months ago

    And your point in that is to prove what? I only said that you racist are saying that immigrants are taking jobs from Americans. I pointed out that they don't take anything from Americans. illegal immigrants working in agriculture work for production. Any American can go to the field and pick whatever. They get the same pay as anyone else, or even more if they are white. Why do you racist tap dance around your racism so much? With an unemployment rate of 3.9%, the result of seven years of economic growth, started by Obama and inherited by Trump. There are no jobs loss to Americans. We are at full employment. We have a race problem not an illegal immigrant problem. Now the racism is so deep that the government is taking children from their mothers at the border, and losing them. What jobs are those children taking? Its because they are brown skinned people, who Trump calls "animals". that is real presidential, right?

  6. Nesho
    Nesho10 months ago

    IMPRESS US why don't you

  7. Zukazahn
    Zukazahn10 months ago

    The general point seems true but I'm not clear how it relates here?

  8. Arashikinos
    Arashikinos10 months ago

    ummmmm my "friend" would like to check your counting skills.. (blush)

  9. Знакомства
    Nilkis9 months ago

    Sheesh, I meant to nudge but it was in order to desensitize you to such a common word. It would make your life and my life much better if we didn't get annoyed by such little things.

  10. Goltirg
    Goltirg9 months ago

    He became a Messiah to the Gentiles,( Anointed or Appointed ? ) and then became a god head. ?? ??

  11. Maucage
    Maucage9 months ago

    I thought that was the point?

  12. Arashim
    Arashim9 months ago

    Havent seen any personal attacks on Dougie yet on here ........not like yesterday for sure

  13. Mulmaran
    Mulmaran9 months ago

    I don't think he had an agenda here. it very much feels like Irrevenant is just sharing his musings with us.

  14. Tojagami
    Tojagami8 months ago

    The Crusades were a response to Muslim incursion.

  15. Free adult college courses
    Malalmaran8 months ago

    Christianity is also Abrahamic and has/had similar values. Do you likewise oppose Christian indoctrination in non Christian areas?

  16. Mirisar
    Mirisar8 months ago

    I read how it is defending something different than the verse in question. It is trying to reconcile previous prophecy with the outcome stated in that verse.

  17. Free adult college courses
    Samuzshura7 months ago

    "How do you know that there is wind? You experience it. Can you see the wind? No."

  18. Douktilar
    Douktilar7 months ago

    Good Morning to you Euv!

  19. Free adult college courses
    Shakarr7 months ago

    Religion is a business, like any other business. They perform a service and are paid for it....but for some reason they feel the rest of society should subsidize them by giving them tax free status. In the United States a conservative estimate sets it at a net loss of

  20. Знакомства
    Nikozshura7 months ago

    ?Did I say blacks? I think I said non whites.....?

  21. Знакомства
    Nasar7 months ago

    Do you hold a lot of extremist ideas as true?

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