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"bassd on mike?s prior posts about demonic possession, I?d say that ship has sailed."

Bryci - Blackest Cat

She triumphantly laid down a full house. "But you are in love with Zac?" Nate nodded his head. Something creaked Bizexual her, and Kyra whirled, file at the ready.

Bryci - Blackest Cat

I didn't have anything to do with that w in Cleveland. bdquo;Administration of the pool accepted girl in men locker room, if anybody will not protest and obviously men didn't," said my colleague.

"Thanks" I grabbed the cup and sat up. that's nice. I think I'm in love with this Biexual. Once she was pulled taunt between the restraints on her legs and some sort of hook in her ass, the man in leather jacket walked into her view. I pushed him to his knees between her legs.

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  1. Знакомства
    Febei1 year ago

    How's Stephanie? Does she answer your calls, letters and emails?

  2. Знакомства
    Shakakinos1 year ago

    Arguably Christianity wasn't much better after the Reformation, but I do agree that Christianity has brought good and evil, in at least equal measure.

  3. Знакомства
    Mirr1 year ago

    Comey doesn't have any investigative powers. Plus,

  4. Aragrel
    Aragrel1 year ago


  5. Malagore
    Malagore1 year ago

    To the credit of the many anti-theists on here, it's much easier to just give a one-sentence disparaging remark than actually put some thought into it and give a rational argument to each of those.

  6. Akibei
    Akibei1 year ago

    Sorry Opus...but that was mis-sent to you. It was actually meant to go to Scooter and his constant denial of Christians who are evil, and do evil things in the name of their religion, are not Christians according to him. I do not how it ended on a comment to you, because I damn well know I put that comment to Scooter.

  7. Знакомства
    Zutilar11 months ago

    PJW's awesome, and it's even more awesome when the Leftards badmouth him and put him down... but not one of the ignorant puddles of dick snot has enough active brain cells or legitimate information to logically or factually refute a single thing that he says.

  8. Free bisexual s Bisexual
    Kazit11 months ago

    That is backward man.

  9. Free bisexual s Bisexual
    Zulkim11 months ago

    HR and I at every company I work at (as a temp) have gotten to be on a first name basis... I have a real bad case of depth perception. My nose gets stuck in the cracks sometimes...(for those who missed the joke think "brown-noser")

  10. Goltijas
    Goltijas11 months ago

    I make no definitive statements about things where I have no knowledge to back it up. So not everyone does it.

  11. Знакомства
    Kagalabar10 months ago

    I will take your comment as Lots of Laughs (not Love)

  12. Taukazahn
    Taukazahn10 months ago

    lmao. Yes. Man when that drug hit the vein on Friday, I was like yesss gawd. I see why the King needed it lol.

  13. Madal
    Madal10 months ago

    You keep making that leap, but have yet to back it up.

  14. Moogull
    Moogull10 months ago

    Lot's wife is not named in the Bible. Not sure who the "Sarah" is mentioned here turning into a pillar of salt.

  15. Zunris
    Zunris10 months ago

    L. Ron Hubbard could answer that, but he died in 1986.

  16. Знакомства
    Faular10 months ago

    Is that your dumb justification for supporting ripping an unborn child apart limb by limb and killing it? Pathetic really.

  17. Votilar
    Votilar10 months ago

    Yes. Although I would say, "you're a homophobic bigot"!

  18. Знакомства
    Dotilar9 months ago

    The fact that the legislators took the time to write it and vote on it proves that there has been an assault on Christmas, of course.

  19. Free bisexual s Bisexual
    Kagalar9 months ago

    Oh, wow...That does sound like it might be good!

  20. Знакомства
    Kiramar9 months ago

    That truly sucks. Sending positive vibes!

  21. Gajind
    Gajind9 months ago

    Yes, well...I'm not talking about awareness for certain reasons. It's too advanced of a topic.

  22. Free bisexual s Bisexual
    Mautaxe9 months ago

    Geh the mod picked the pic. How interesting...

  23. Dojind
    Dojind8 months ago

    And the beat goes on...

  24. Знакомства
    Nikogrel8 months ago

    how would I know?

  25. Free bisexual s Bisexual
    Temuro8 months ago

    Christianity doesn't need to create strawman arguments because atheism base their beliefs that everything came into exists out of nothing. One can't be more stupid that than that.

  26. Free bisexual s Bisexual
    Akinojora8 months ago

    Take your pick, dumb ass. I don't believe in coincidences. Its a weak argument

  27. Zololkree
    Zololkree8 months ago

    You alone don't count.

  28. Kagagis
    Kagagis8 months ago

    It?s a political ideology.

  29. JoJozragore
    JoJozragore8 months ago

    So your god makes people gay and then demands they not be gay. That idea is as ignorant as when religious folks said left-handed people should not use their left hands.

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