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Gay day food and wine festival

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"You don't seem to have any examples of the decisions of which you speak, though, do you?"

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  1. Знакомства
    Guhn6 months ago

    It's very hard to tell since the indoctrinated tend to try and defend the product of their indoctrination to the bitter end.

  2. Sazilkree
    Sazilkree5 months ago

    Not knowing how natural event X is caused , does not mean that "supernature" is at work, Is like trying to answer a natural unknown with a out of this universe unknown... No Way!

  3. Muhn
    Muhn5 months ago

    You are wrong. They DO have that right in a free and civil society. They may not have that right, however, in a fascist dictatorship. Good thing that there are few of those in First World democracies.

  4. Shakacage
    Shakacage5 months ago

    Why do so many depictions of jesus make him look like some airhead hippie that your daughter doesn't go out with anymore (thankfully). He would not have looked like that.

  5. Gukazahn
    Gukazahn5 months ago

    Except your room has no space, no walls and your play doh doesn?t exist ??

  6. Gay day food and wine festival
    Kazramuro4 months ago

    I won't be wasting away any time soon if I miss a few meals ;)

  7. Знакомства
    Zugrel4 months ago

    What's probably more horrifying is his dad knew and possibly provided the pills? A doctor who swears an oath to do no harm.

  8. Знакомства
    Vom4 months ago

    Fish tacos sound like an unholy union. But you must surrender and try them, just not on Tuesday.

  9. Kaganos
    Kaganos4 months ago

    There you are WRONG.

  10. Nezragore
    Nezragore4 months ago

    Enigmatic facial expressions, especially smiles, are something of a Da Vinci trademark.

  11. Gay day food and wine festival
    Doramar3 months ago

    She turns nice after you unfollow her channel.

  12. Zolojin
    Zolojin3 months ago

    Since life is always changing, every skeleton is a transitional skeleton between something and something else.

  13. Знакомства
    JoJorn3 months ago

    I got a house! Yayyyyyyyyy!

  14. Kazrazragore
    Kazrazragore3 months ago

    Using that same reasoning, they'd know it was a lie if they knew Jesus didn't exist, but Paul invented him.

  15. Gay day food and wine festival
    Malakinos3 months ago

    Or maybe it's just because she doesn't have nice things to say about his BFF Putin.

  16. Gay day food and wine festival
    Nikogal3 months ago

    and you have nothing to prove your hate.

  17. Voodoorg
    Voodoorg3 months ago

    Subtle difference here. By refusing to treat any person in an emergency room situation you might well be consigning them to death, which of course violates the patients rights. Nobody is gonna die for lack of wedding cake.

  18. Duzil
    Duzil2 months ago

    Sounds pretty close to a certain US president. The "when the president does it, it is not illegal" one.

  19. Знакомства
    Milar2 months ago

    Lost a lit joint in the sofa and said nothing about it....

  20. Знакомства
    JoJodal2 months ago

    This happens on all sides of all arguments. When a person has valid points worth thought but include one insult, the rest is completely ignored. Have you seen this happen from theists as well?

  21. Gay day food and wine festival
    Yozshujin2 months ago

    Nah I'm good

  22. Gay day food and wine festival
    Maukasa2 months ago

    I realize that at one time in human history just about every academic discipline was considered to fall under the aegis of philosophy. So spare us your dishonesty.

  23. Знакомства
    Kagalmaran1 month ago

    But what does any of that, i.e. the Bible or opinion about the Bible, prove about God?

  24. Shagis
    Shagis1 month ago

    Free doesn't mean benefit the 1% and not society as a whole. Republicans version of free economy is not giving people what they want.

  25. Gay day food and wine festival
    Shakarisar1 month ago

    Truer words, my friend...

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