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"I'm glad you finally accepted that you failed quite badly regarding English grammar."

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  1. Vudocage
    Vudocage5 months ago

    I would go as far as saying Hitler was an irreleligious theist. He likely had a personal God, likely the same god as the Christian one, but he was not a practicing Christian

  2. Dull
    Dull5 months ago

    Then why did you bring in atheism?

  3. Cordelia the pornstar
    Mulmaran5 months ago

    Oh, whoops... didn't know that.

  4. Kigagrel
    Kigagrel5 months ago

    When she starts throwing things at you, it's time to play Tear That Azz Up.

  5. Akikazahn
    Akikazahn5 months ago

    The whole messianic scapegoat theology baffles me. I don't accept that God made Adam 'perfect' except that he wasn't because he and his subordinate afterthought wife sinned like two days after they were created, causing all of humanity to be cursed into eternity unless they worship His virgin-born savior-son. I was raised Catholic and I endorsed ALL of it until I became an adult when I determined that NONE of it makes sense.

  6. Cordelia the pornstar
    Mall5 months ago

    And just which god is this, the one you can't prove exists?

  7. Tora
    Tora4 months ago

    Alex Trebek grew up in Sudbury where I live now. Quite a few NHL players from here too.

  8. Fenrisar
    Fenrisar4 months ago

    yes, he was uncle for you and I.

  9. Goltikazahn
    Goltikazahn4 months ago

    Surly this is the missing link and the FBI and cia will be hot on his tracks. I'm glad they finally got him. Will the investigation be over soon now ?

  10. Знакомства
    Taujas4 months ago

    The Bible refers to Jesus as being without sin.

  11. Cordelia the pornstar
    Mile3 months ago

    Yes, demand is high, that's an issue. But its also because its triage based. And its still a hell of a lot better than here, where someone can literally lose their house because of a major medical emergency.

  12. Знакомства
    Voodoogrel3 months ago

    BRAVO...too many people confuse dignity/moral center with PRIDE.

  13. Kigaramar
    Kigaramar3 months ago

    The horrendous free trade deal another Quebecker Mulroney brought in to destroy Ontario was rancid from the beginnig

  14. Знакомства
    Tojajin3 months ago

    To me, it was a product of the time. Just like the focus on health and wellness.

  15. Cordelia the pornstar
    Vudogrel3 months ago

    "three-term Republican congressman from Oklahoma"

  16. Знакомства
    Malagis2 months ago

    No husband but your mom may still be there. You may not recognize her, i shaved her back.

  17. Cordelia the pornstar
    Goltitaur2 months ago

    Yep. The Babies of God made many mistakes.

  18. Cordelia the pornstar
    Nikomuro2 months ago

    I'm not as ignorant as you are.

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