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"90s: University, onset of panic attacks, marriage, unemployed for a few years, moved to a new city for work, and first child 1999."

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It was bitter and nothing I had experienced ever before. "Yes, there is" I intoned, "especially if you really want to" I questioningly added.

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That should be good. What was he trying to be good enough shwer. Did her marriage still mean anything to her. "What in the hell do you think you are doing" I scold, knowing I had just pretty much done the same thing.

This time he did not cry for Zac, he did not cry over his sexuality, he did not cry over confusion, he did not cry over loneliness. I poured some oil on to her arse and spread it around her hole, and then smeared some on my penis.

For him, it hadn't been a long, long time.

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  1. Sagis
    Sagis1 year ago

    That bit where you implied that rape is morally correct during war...

  2. Gay man in the shower
    Julmaran1 year ago

    Depends where you are. $400 <8 weeks for my pro--choice state is about right. 15 weeks in Mississippi might run you a G.

  3. Gay man in the shower
    Kazilar1 year ago

    Well we certainly do not follow the ignorant philosophies of the Reich-Wing religious right.

  4. Mikagor
    Mikagor1 year ago

    Ok. Even in my good US suburb, I imagine we'd be living more cautiously for sure. We'd be locked in our homes/apartments if urban.

  5. Akiktilar
    Akiktilar1 year ago

    Of course, the decision only sided with the baker in that he got an unfair hearing. SCOTUS did not side even opine on the actual issue of the cake, so let's not frame this as some sort of victory that it's not.

  6. Gay man in the shower
    Tozahn1 year ago

    Folks interpretation of the Bible is immature. The more mature understanding comes at the end, it says.

  7. Shall
    Shall1 year ago

    Oh. How many do you know?

  8. Meztigar
    Meztigar11 months ago

    This says GOD : I AM the Creator of the universes. Many don't know Me nor My holy thoughts nor Holy will. Many are deceived by the big snake, the red dragon, the deceiver of mankind, the father of all lies, SATAN and his demons, the fallen angels, who influence the thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of mankind. Many think that they think, but are thought/taught/inspired by these evil entities/spirits in the air, surrounding them by day and night, unless My holy angels guard the chosen ones, who believe Me and My Son and Our eternal truths, concerning the reality of the visible and invisible worlds. I AM. Many are "free thinkers" but are slaves of satan. Many are "enlightened", but deceived by satan, who often behaves as if He is the great bringer of light. Many religions have morals. Many godless and lawless persons have different levels of knowledge and morals, but are all deceived by the Old Snake. Even christians often think, that they know the truth, but even their knowledge is often incomplete. Therefore I urge everyone to return to Me, the GOD of the heavens and the earth. YHWH is My holy name now and forever, and I revealed Myself by means of My creation, the works of My Hand, and by means of My words, that came to mankind by means of My holy angels and prophets and holy anointed ones. Many spoke or wrote about what I told them or revealed to them, concerning past, present and future things. I AM. I even was on this earth with the fullness of My deity IN Christ Jesus, My holy Son. He, who saw or sees Him, sees and hears Me, the Creator of the universes. I AM.

  9. Tojakora
    Tojakora11 months ago

    It really is a long list.

  10. Gay man in the shower
    Fekasa11 months ago

    Are you going commando?

  11. Знакомства
    Jurn11 months ago

    What's the content of this empirical evidence?

  12. Знакомства
    Nilrajas11 months ago

    I can?t date you because, I read the Book NICE GUYS DONT GET LAID, and you are a bad boy dating tart headed for disaster.

  13. Gay man in the shower
    Gardanris10 months ago

    Sorry, that reply was for Dean Craft

  14. Знакомства
    Brashura10 months ago

    I don't have any problem with homosexuals in a personal manner. My friend recently decided to do it.

  15. Знакомства
    Aram10 months ago

    From reading your posts you have real trouble understanding written words.

  16. Tekree
    Tekree10 months ago

    Yep all liars

  17. Shakajas
    Shakajas10 months ago

    So, because the Colorado Commission in 2012-2014 are no longer active this means we should ignore what occurred then?

  18. Maule
    Maule10 months ago

    Evolution is not randomness, it's adaptation. Specifically mindless adaptation to the current environment through a process of natural selection. There's no contradiction in recognising that nature is magnificent and ferocious and beautiful and amazing and full of wonders - that's exactly what you'd expect to see from natural selection on this scale.

  19. Mauran
    Mauran10 months ago

    Vegetarians may be over-represented amongst mass shooters.

  20. Знакомства
    Nelkree9 months ago

    Well, I did overhear the nurses giving report the first day I was there. Apparently ?medical malpractice atty? is something to include in report. Who knew? ??

  21. Gay man in the shower
    Arakus9 months ago

    I have been involved in something called Death Cafe (look them up if you like:

  22. Знакомства
    Kazrasho9 months ago

    Not blaming. If people are "poor" because of their voluntary choices, so be it. I am against making others pay for their irresponsible choices that resulted in their so-called "poverty."

  23. Goltijas
    Goltijas9 months ago

    same and it's bad bc I just did the whole slack off thing on Friday too.

  24. Знакомства
    Netaxe9 months ago

    The only thing I have ever been able to come with for a reason for people to be extreme anti abortion is fear. They fear what will happen. They fear the "government" taking over their roles as parents, they fear that if they arm their children with knowledge and condoms that it is the same as telling them to go screw whatever moves.

  25. JoJot
    JoJot8 months ago

    That's where my different concept of His relationship comes it. We are the effective, but imperfect, presence of God in the universe of space and time. He is outside of time, so His power and virtues are expressed by the sub-divine entities, the creatures, some more so than others.

  26. Gay man in the shower
    Voodoorg8 months ago

    Short version "jeet?"

  27. Gardazilkree
    Gardazilkree8 months ago

    Commies aren't fun to hang out with in general. Too angry all the time.

  28. Знакомства
    Kigakazahn8 months ago

    Yes. But at the time of Jesus they were a subject Kingdom under Herod (thus the weirdness surrounding Jesus' trial--Herod's reign was propped up by Roman soldiers. Jews gave Caesar tribute: not taxes). Once they rebelled, the Romans murdered them en masse, levelled their cities, and destroyed their treasures.

  29. Teran
    Teran8 months ago

    4.6 billion years or so almost time for a mathematical collapse or renewal.

  30. Mauktilar
    Mauktilar8 months ago

    the only real difference is TIME

  31. Dashakar
    Dashakar7 months ago

    90% of the educated world can be wrong. Especially if they are fed lies like you embrace.

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