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"More wisdom than humans, LOL."

Asa surrounded by all marble and white

Our neighbor's wife had talked my mom into pursuing a business degree from the local community college. She sits on the pot and lets loose a powerful stream of piss. Another cunt for me to fuck.

Asa surrounded by all marble and white

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  1. Sex toy shops atlanta Outdoor
    Samule1 year ago

    I think you could be right. There's a great book about that called The Power. It makes the point that just because someone is part of a disenfranchised group it doesn't necessarily mean they have the moral compass to be a good leader.

  2. JoJozragore
    JoJozragore1 year ago

    I owe you an apology. That sentence should have read: Show me that God is real and I'll no longer be an atheist; that?s the only issue that matters.

  3. Nikojora
    Nikojora1 year ago

    My grandmother grew up on a farm, raised her family on a farm, and died on the farm. If somebody would have told that old lady she was lazy and didn't do anything she would have looked at them, spit her snuff out and told them to go to hell

  4. Bajind
    Bajind1 year ago

    >>"The historians aren't reliable sources of information. Can you verify it any other way?"<<

  5. Знакомства
    Vusho1 year ago

    "Then do not be a Catholic. Simple solution."

  6. Sex toy shops atlanta Outdoor
    Nilkis1 year ago

    Aren't there laws against filing false reports? What about defamation or slander?

  7. Kajizilkree
    Kajizilkree1 year ago

    Nope, just her legs.

  8. Знакомства
    Zuluhn1 year ago

    Yes, given the chlorine content in the font it is a blessing, the water would ruin most street cloths.

  9. Sex toy shops atlanta Outdoor
    Yozshugar11 months ago

    Is it taboo here?

  10. JoJokazahn
    JoJokazahn11 months ago

    Next time I'm in trouble I'll use a firearm and not call the police. They won't get there until ten minutes later anyway and their presence runs the risk of them accidentally shooting me.

  11. Gosho
    Gosho11 months ago

    Don't rile the Canadians!!

  12. Знакомства
    Meztigor11 months ago

    Hmm... so, we should find human remains in the same layer as dinosaur bones, right, because all species have existed from the start if evolution is not possible, but we don't.

  13. Знакомства
    Guzilkree11 months ago

    Then how could he even know if she was wifey material?!!!!! roflmaooooooo

  14. Знакомства
    Akimi10 months ago

    Same reason why people not see that we are not superior to animals and we do not have free will and that evolution is not progress.

  15. Taugor
    Taugor10 months ago

    I didn?t miss it. The term ?influence? could be a considered or unconsidered position. Unconcerned would only apply to a considered position. Therefore unmoral requires a considered position. Unlike ammoral.

  16. Faem
    Faem10 months ago

    Lol it?s the noninvasive one so not too bad. If it was during like an open surgery or something I?d be asking you guys if you wanted me to leave you some video games, shoes, etc ??

  17. Знакомства
    Vutilar10 months ago

    I cannot type does not. 99% of the time is comes out as doe snot. Unfortunately, female deer snot is not picked up by spell check.

  18. Mazushicage
    Mazushicage10 months ago

    Its was an hour ago...try again.

  19. Zulkilkree
    Zulkilkree10 months ago

    Ok, I understand what people mean by objective now, but here is my issue. The choice of standard - minimize pain, maximize pleasure or freedom or life or whatever seems arbitrary to me. Societies seem to have developed such a standard by trial and error, such that those who maximized the wrong things lost out, but 'winning out' is yet another choice of standard. How do we choose and why and how can that be objective?

  20. Gardataxe
    Gardataxe9 months ago

    You made the assertion.

  21. Grokus
    Grokus9 months ago

    They take all our money and give it to rapists and criminals....I know it's true I read it on the interwebs.

  22. Mezilkis
    Mezilkis9 months ago

    'taken from another atheist website'

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