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"So how is it you are able to determine that when the bible says Jesus rose after 3 days, that means ~72 hours, but when god created the world in 6 days, it isn't literal days? How can you reconcile believing the bible which has been taken to say the world is ~6,000 years old with a belief that the earth is not a young earth, if it isn't arbitrarily?"

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" "The more the merrier. It isn't their fault, poppyxeed pictures are merely a reflection of their own desires. Alicia breathed heavily into my mouth.

I want your cock inside me. Her eagerness opppyseed please was insatiable. She knew it, as did I. "You're a nursing mother's best friend. I hold one hand on her firm belly and run the other one with the cloth on it down to her vagina and clean in between her lips and around her clitoris.

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  1. Grogis
    Grogis2 months ago

    >>"You?ve barely even acknowledged the fact that he was willing to sell other, ready-made items to this couple. In fact, you?ve never told us why you think he was willing to do so, and for obvious reasons you probably never will."<<

  2. Gardaran
    Gardaran2 months ago

    not in the US at least

  3. Meztira
    Meztira2 months ago

    Yep. I agree

  4. Motaxe
    Motaxe2 months ago

    I noted that in my own comment: in a gym setting, I prefer guys-only; in a workout class, it doesn't matter as much because you're expending too much energy and concentration to ogle.

  5. Zolonos
    Zolonos1 month ago

    good to know

  6. Знакомства
    Dubar1 month ago

    Agree with you, people with sound mind and critical thinking are in majority here.

  7. Знакомства
    Telmaran1 month ago

    Is the origin of that knowledge taught to students? Assuming so, why would forgetting the origins of that knowledge be convenient?

  8. Mokora
    Mokora1 month ago

    One thing I will say, if this kid had brought a knife to school, Shana would probably still be dead. Nine other kids would probably be alive, which is amazing, so I agree that we need to talk about guns. I just think it's deeper than that.

  9. Знакомства
    Zulkibar1 month ago

    Not offended buddy. Just some friendly advice to someone who clearly has some shit he?s gotta work through. Get a little perspective. Have you never experienced an election before?

  10. Знакомства
    Yozshukus3 weeks ago

    Religion in a historical context should be taught as the last refuge of our primitive mind. It should be treated no different than Greek or Eygyptian mythology, other religions of their time. Religion as a belief or faith has no place in a public school but the superstitions of our illiterate, uneducated ancestors is fair game.

  11. Moogull
    Moogull2 weeks ago

    Trump is the sleaseball. If Dotard Donnie didn't solicit porn-stars and hookers, we would not have to explain it to his Cult.

  12. Malashura
    Malashura2 weeks ago

    I'm not God.

  13. Zunris
    Zunris1 week ago

    By "pursuing", what do you mean? This is sounding like that argument for why any dumb intending astrophysicist grad student would ever work for SETI

  14. Знакомства
    Zolozil3 days ago

    Again, I'm not going to watch videos you found online. If you feel that whoever this is has a cogent point, then I urge you to summarize it for me so that I can respond to it.

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