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"There is no reason to deny Matthew's recording of God's Word. Not one of these men was looking for fame or riches. Indeed most of them suffered death as a result of their service. And, of course, you are incorrect about both Mark and Luke. Each wrote at God's dictation."

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  1. Kam
    Kam11 months ago

    Not sure if they want her there as well. I think a one way ticket to the moon would be a fitting place for her.

  2. Macage
    Macage11 months ago

    I'd argue it's not long enough. He clearly holds no value for human life and has no interest in accepting responsibility for the outcome of his actions. He's 28, not 15. He knew the risks of his actions and ignored them.

  3. Знакомства
    Murn11 months ago

    Depending on it's position relative to the Earth and sun, it does light the dark side - just to a much lesser degree.

  4. Hina Matsumoto fucked
    Golkree11 months ago

    Actually if you read the article, the teacher has an excellent track record and maintains a close bond with her kids. This one was included in that bond and he wrote his side of the story, but the school chose not to disclose it because he is a minor. Failing courses for minorities has a larger impact and they are less likely to get into college with that track record and they are also dubbed lazy for mistakes in that regard. We don?t know if this is a regular occurrence for this child (sleeping) or a one off or if he has horrible marks. Not having any respect for the classroom has little to do with someone who sleeps. I get sleepy at work everyday around noon, I?ve fallen asleep during long ass all hand meetings. It doesn?t mean I don?t respect those talking or what have you it just means my body is tired. Sleep is typically an involuntary action. If it was a male teacher, I would hope he?d have enough sense not to stand on the desk (lol even for her those desks are flimsy so I?m surprised she stayed up on it). I?d have an issue with anyone putting their foot on someone, but everything else was extremely nonviolent and non sexual. My track coach often tugged my pony tail playfully whenever I finished my laps to say good job or to get my attention and no one thought anything of it. I think you are definitely entitled to think it?s inappropriate; I understand that everyone?s boundaries are different. But I think it?s a faaaar reach to assume just because someone falls asleep they are a bad student or don?t respect the classroom. Half of people sleeping is that they?re simply tired or the presenter needs to work better at how they?re disseminating the information to ensure it is engaging. Also, failing the child should be the last resort. There about a million other things you can do to get a kid or the parents attention before it comes to that.

  5. Знакомства
    Moogukinos11 months ago

    What is "sounds like" to you and what it actually is are apparently two totally different things. IMO, this is more credible than the assumption that there really was a son of the creator of the universe on the planet and was treated as defined in the Bible.

  6. Hina Matsumoto fucked
    Mazucage11 months ago

    Si' That which God has himself directly revealed to me!! :)

  7. Bragar
    Bragar10 months ago

    Do better? Nah, I couldn't possibly top your pathetic comments.

  8. Kimuro
    Kimuro10 months ago

    Should I tell him I think it's sealed up? lololol

  9. Kerisar
    Kerisar10 months ago

    "Just who appointed you arbiter of Christianity?"

  10. Yozshura
    Yozshura10 months ago

    Sin is sin, whether you believe in it or not. Sooner or later you will, hopefully not when it's too late.

  11. Nakinos
    Nakinos9 months ago

    Great thoughts, Moldred! We forget that discrimination shows its self in ways other than racism. Thank you for commenting! ???????

  12. Mazukora
    Mazukora9 months ago

    To answer that I would like to quote George Eliot :

  13. Hina Matsumoto fucked
    Fenrit9 months ago

    Lol! Yes they do! ????

  14. Shakalkis
    Shakalkis9 months ago

    Grrrrr. You beat me to it, Wimpy.

  15. Hina Matsumoto fucked
    Gardalabar9 months ago

    I provided many cogent examples, the rest is up to you.

  16. Akisar
    Akisar9 months ago

    You probably read a redacted liberal edition of the Bible.

  17. Hina Matsumoto fucked
    Turisar9 months ago

    We still think so:

  18. Знакомства
    Mami8 months ago

    Why? What consenting adults are doing in their bedroom is not any of my business.

  19. Hina Matsumoto fucked
    Shajora8 months ago

    I think you bring up a valid point, especially in how easy it has been historically to make terrible decisions based on the misconception. I would argue, however, that the church of the dark ages in no way followed actual Christianity, adding in things (such as excommunication or indulgences or sovereignty of the pope) and picking and choosing parts that the rulers of the time felt would give them power.

  20. Zuluzshura
    Zuluzshura8 months ago

    Wonderful this is true. The Son of GOD is Adam (H.E). JESUS our Supreme LORD is GOD in HIS incarnate Manifestation. HE came into the earth in the shoes of HIS son, Adam (H.E), the Son of GOD.

  21. Zuzshura
    Zuzshura8 months ago

    I didn?t say your comparison was a straw man. Business expenses are deductible for the ?company?, so that aspect is also not exclusive to churches, just like charitable donations. But they?re not for their employees. It?s a perk enjoyed by priests where they get to deduct a certain percentage of their pay as parsonage allowance against their personal income. It?s great for churches and priests. There are plenty of people who are on call 24-7 for their employer and don?t get to claim such a perk. Seems like a rank justification.

  22. Hina Matsumoto fucked
    Vusho7 months ago

    The messiah who you can't prove was the messiah.

  23. Знакомства
    Mikagar7 months ago

    Right, then she is out 300.00.

  24. Kajizuru
    Kajizuru7 months ago

    I bet you find yourself clever. You are mistaken.

  25. Hina Matsumoto fucked
    Gokora7 months ago

    Mickey Mouse Club, and 1990's SNL was the best.

  26. JoJolabar
    JoJolabar6 months ago

    if its "only" then why fight "fair" trade... why is the left so focused on trump balancing "only 2 %"?? you guys make it sound like its Armageddon...

  27. Zulkir
    Zulkir6 months ago

    You see millions of Jews, or millions of Israelis?

  28. Gugis
    Gugis6 months ago

    "In my view there is no supernature for the simple reason that while I believe God is real, I deny that God is a creator, intervener, or judge. God does not perform miraculous interventions in a world that God never created to begin with."

  29. Zulur
    Zulur6 months ago

    Evolution is a gateway drug!

  30. Знакомства
    Bagore6 months ago

    He became a Messiah to the Gentiles,( Anointed or Appointed ? ) and then became a god head. ?? ??

  31. Voshura
    Voshura6 months ago

    I love dotty tum-tums.

  32. Знакомства
    Shaktilkis6 months ago

    Yeah, you're a slack jawed yokel. Of course we run in different crowds. You're the bumpkin that everyone laughs at. The total embarrassment of America. We make characters of people like you on television to laugh at. The beautiful fact is there are more people like me than than you. No one aims to be a lowlife redneck. Thats why we let you dig our ditches. You're welcome.

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